What Is A HydraFacial?

The HydraFacial system is a 3-step 30 minute treatment that deeply cleanses, extracts and hydrates the skin using our vortex fusion technology. Our proprietary serums and boosters are packed with hyaluronic acid, peptides, and antioxidants and can be customized to treat your specific skin concerns. We combine advanced medical technology with spa therapies to deliver your best skin ever. The HydraFacial is noninvasive - no down time, you see immediate results and it’s for everyone!

Step 1. Lymphatic Drainage for Face and Body

(The Lymphatic system is the most superficial circulatory system and is the body’s ability to eliminate waste and toxins. 33% of Lymph is held in the face. The mechanical lymphatic system we use helps to remove extra cellular fluid and reduce inflammation) You will see the difference immediately and it’s great to do prior to any non-invasive or invasive procedure that may induce inflammation or just alone to reduce puffiness!

Step 2. HydraFacial is 3 steps 30 minutes BEST SKIN OF YOUR LIFE!!


The HydraFacial treatment focuses on the health and wellness of the skin. The mechanism of action is a VORTEX FUSION patented technology that opens and closes the pores. The 3 steps are CLEANSE+PEEL, EXTRACT+HYDRATE, FUSE+PROTECT! All of our serums contain anti-inflammatory ingredients as well as hydrators. The system performs both a mechanical and chemical exfoliation, chemical peel, extractions of black heads, white heads, dirt oil and debris, and finally deposits antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and HA into the skin to fuse and protect the cells.

Step 3. LED Light Therapy 


Blue light to kill the P-Acne, Red light to stimulate and heal by reducing inflammation, increasing circulation, and stimulating the collagen while aiding in product absorption.

You can utilize the HydraFacial system with every modality in our office. Clean, healthy, hydrated skin without inflammation yields a greater outcome and enhances the efficacy of all other modalities, including surgical procedures!!!!!! In fact all modalities are searching for hydration!

You can treat with HF and treat with neuromodulator, filler, etc all in the same day and take years off your patient!!! The best part is you can treat ANY AGE, ANY SKIN TYPE, ANY TIME OF THE YEAR!! 

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